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About Me

My background

I began my career as a journalist. After all those facts, facts, but no facial expressions, I'd had enough. Everyone smiles, chuckles and squeaks. So, I took my humor, and have applied it in my Young Adults and Middle Grade stories.

Write It Down

When you walk into a room, stop and wait for a sound, sometimes it's noisy when no ones around. Write it down. The stars all a glisten, it's a glorious sight, So with words, paint us a picture and share your delight. Write it down. If your blanket is fuzzy and soft to the touch, and your pillow is squishy and your head sinks too much, write it down. Ah, yes it's tempting, so chocolaty rich. One bite of cake and your body will itch. Oh, so your allergic, wow, that's a bitch. Write it down. Remember the odor that curls your toes, sometimes it's so bad it burns up your nose. The last in the bathroom, I want you to know- now I can't go! So...I'm writing it down. 

My Writing/My Style

I write an average of 6000 words every other day. I have an evil internal editor, Evilled. Unfortunately, she terrifies my sweet muse (Monica). Only on the days that I can wrestle Evilled into her cage will Monica stimulate my writing to flow endlessly, or to 6000 words. I am not a splash down words and publish. I don't feel that I give my stories enough life when they are rushed. Therefore, I'm usually good for 1 title and 1/2 of another one, every year. I love to write but I love to get to know my characters more.

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