A writer, A dreamer and me…

Doree L Anderson

My Mission

My mission is to use my imagination, and ability as a writer to put to words the stories in my mind onto paper. But to not only use this craft or gift as a way to entertain, but to educate all young readers as well. Through a fun adventurous story, I can teach a child how to catch a ball, share a toy, fish or simply how important it is to write a letter to a friend. It can also give me a vehicle to explain my feelings about alcohol, criminal activities, anorexia, gossip and bulling in a way that children relate to and not in a condemning way. It allows me to speak to children the way I would have like to have been spoken to and left still feeling like a kid.

My History

I’ve moved, often as a child. I changed schools constantly, and so I hated school and that reflected in my even wanting to go. Learning and school became something I could care less about. And that was a shame. I wish I knew back then that an education, a good one, was going to be my greatest necessity, especially at this time in my life. Maybe then, I would be doing what I want to be doing now. Instead I am trying to learn English and sentence structure at 64. It’s virtually impossible. I may never see any results but, I keep trying. My ultimate dream is to write and publish a middle grade novel and several short stories.