Spring Forward, Jump Ahead…

It’s that time again: Spring Forward: Daylight Savings?

The constant questions carry on about whether or not Utah should follow every other state across the country in regards to participating in Daylight Savings. Every couple of weeks before our clocks strike the date that we should spring forward or jump ahead, the same old questions are asked. Why? What are we gaining. And the answer is always the same, “An hour of daylight benefits the businessman, the students, and even the farmer.” Great! But has anyone asked one of them? I did. A student and a farmer. Those driving to and from work can simply slip on a pair of sun glasses, put down their phones, and pay attention.

Okay. So, lets ask a farmer. According to one farmer, he understood that it had to do with the dampness of the morning dew. “An hour earlier, the dew is still light drops on the grain, an hour later, the dew has been dried by the sun. Once the fields are dry, you cut your grain. You don’t want the fields to be wet. That makes the straw, grains, or hay, damp and it will mildew inside the bale. Sure, in the early years, that might have been the case, but the machines used for baling crops have changed. The same is said for the way farmers water their crops.” As for the milk cows. The farmer said he didn’t think they cared about the sun or daylight savings. “If a cow needs to be milked, doesn’t matter the time, or sun, milk it.”

The students that walk to school, according to a middle grader, “doesn’t matter. I still end up walking in the darkness. Sometimes, like if it’s getting ready to storm. It doesn’t matter what time it is. The sun isn’t out. It’s dark and people still don’t look. How come I lose an hour of sleep and they still don’t see us walking?”

Drivers should benefit from the change. I notice right before the hour change that the sun is hammering me square in the eyes. That’s when we lift our sunglasses and put them on. One small injury to a child will live with you for the rest of your life. So, should we ride the Daylight Savings coattails? I’m one little retired person – what do I know?

Doree Anderson

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