The Date D Anderson 5/28/2021

The date, a dud,

The restaurant, so good.

The night before,

I had the steak.

A baked potato,

A piece of cake.

And still, not one vegetable

touched my plate.

That’s something I can’t stand.

Today, I feel,

worse than if I drank.

My nasal drips,

I sneeze and hurt my head.

My eyes water,

I can’t get out of bed.

I’ve got my pride,

I wish that I were dead!

But I digress…

I worked my way,

on knees, I prayed.

That a shower may,

knock me back to yesterday.

As hot water pounded,

down my back.

The steam cleaned out,

the stuffed and packed.

I rejoiced because,

my nose, now clean,

allows me to breathe again.

 I wear a mighty grin,

Because I can walk,

amongst normal men.

So… all the blames on last night’s date,

He’s the one that killed my day.

He showed up sick, and now I’m late.

So, on that kiss, I’m glad I passed.

Just one more thing

I could not forecast,

He called again,

and said, “he’d had a blast.”

“Would you like to go out again?”

Are you kidding me?

I replied, “No,” I was aghast.

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