My Mission

I believe that we can educate a child through stories. Through a fun, adventurous story, you can teach a child how to fish, or write a letter, how to catch a ball or share a toy with another child This is my mission. To use my gift of writing to teach the minds of the young how I feel about such things as alcohol, young love, stealing, anorexia, gossip and bullying. I don’t care for them and I don’t like it when others do it either.

My History

As a young girl, I moved a lot. When we moved I had to say goodbye to my best friends and learn new people, new names, addresses, and phone numbers. It was depressing and so I would write my feelings down on paper as poems, short stories. I got older and wrote a Young Adult story for my Daughter, Jodie and shared it with her class. I left writing and didn’t return until I retired. Now, I write Romance, but mainly young adult and adventures for the middle grade reader of 6-14 and articles as often as I can. My modem has become learn you craft, we never no enough.