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Hi, I am a writer. I never intended to be a writer. I wasn’t a reader. But we never know what the future holds. A bit about me first. I’m one of four children born in the Midwest. We lived in Illinois, but my birth certificate says Indiana. The closest hospital was in the neighboring state. We moved a great deal, and I spent several first days of school in different schools. I’ve never grown roots because the states changed, too. I claim no ‘child-hood’ buddies, but I’ve gather some good friends along the way.

I married very young, at seventeen, divorce at nineteen and remarried at nineteen to my husband of 44 years. We have a beautiful daughter who married a wonderful man, and I enjoy four fabulous grandchildren. The years passed. I lost my mother when I was thirty-two, and my younger brother just a couple of years ago. I am still struggling with his loss. He and I were close, and I miss him. My father is still alive, as is my older sister and older brother.

My husband (Utah born and bred) and I reside in same state and general area since our marriage. I guess I’ve been in Utah too long not to call it home. Would I ever move? I say no, but wonder. The southern Ozarks are still a huge part of my childhood memories that I hold closest to my heart.

I dabbled in writing when my daughter was in elementary school, but not seriously. I enjoyed composing poem/stories for my colleagues, but for fun. I wrote and read a story to/with my daughter’s fourth great class for her teacher Mrs. Bradshaw as a gift, but sadly she died soon after. (an outstanding educator and person).

When asked in 2005 by the office manager at the surgeons office I worked in, where I thought I would be in 5 years, I considered the question and then replied, “on the New York Times Best Sellers List,” and I realized I meant it. Three years later, I left that job (working for some great general surgeons) and began as a beat reporter as a journalist for a local newspaper.

Soon after, I changed from non-fiction to fiction… from romance to young adult and middle grade and picture books. And the rest is my life and welcome to my website. I hope my poems and short stories bring you as much pleasure reading them as I’ve had creating them. I’ll keep you caught up on upcoming novels.

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