We say goodby to ???

We say goodbye to Summer and September. The worst Summer is over! Well, we can only hope.

WILL THERE BE A CURE TO THIS GOD AWFUL DISEASE WILL 2021 be the same or will we be able to return to the way we were. I don’t care about who is in as presidency. I care about my family. The people I love. I’m sick of hearing about how President Trump killed 200,000 people. Why blame a man who tried to keep a pandemic from freezing this country? Because… idiots, he’d be in prison if he was actually guilty for all the deaths. Let’s blame all the idiots we have in this world who thinks that they are too wonderful and perfect that they can’t get sick so they don’t have to wear a mask… And they can go out and do whatever they want to and party with as many as they can… Well, they think they are GODS, and as Gods, should be accused, not the President, as the killers. You, who didn’t wear a mask. You, who thought you were just to damn good for this disease and are the ones spreading it to others. YOU ARE THE INFECTORS!

I love watching the gods and goddesses of celebritism… you think your crap doesn’t smell… you’re right… it reeks! Kamala Harris is a fraud who lies, That little black girl wasn’t Kamala 🙂 Sorry. Kamala is not a black girl, never was. Never was ever treated like one. She is Jamaican. Ashamed of her inheritance, forsure. She is a millionaire, who struts around in her expensive clothes, with her rich WHITE husband, and her delightful family (she’s baron) so it’s actually extended family, who only sticks around for the ‘prestige she gives them.’ She is manipulative, bitter and has a huge blister on her face. Oops, that is her face. She is the reason we have prejudism, because she hates to be consider one of them unless it’s to help her in her law job or in her political endeavors. What a shame. And Biden wants her to drag him further down… YEAH!

Vote! I beg of you… but not for Dead Brains Biden and Lying Bitch Harris. Put a little thought in your decision. Please – you’ll be suffering for the next four years, and you’ll PAY for IT.

Happy October. And this is not a political add for anyone Republican. It’s an add for the Brain Independent.

Doree Anderson