❤Moments Matter

The ambulance was in the drive

When he got home from school.

Holding back the tears inside

As Mom called him to her room.

She wrapped her arms around him,

And hugged him with a smile.

Then said, I love you very much,

Remember⸻ I’ll see you in a while.

Years have passed since that day

But memories never fade.

Together, Dad and son have grown

Closer every day.

It started as a nosebleed 

While he attended school

Teacher sent him to the nurse

It stopped, everything was cool.​

His dad and him went skating

The ice was thick and cold

He had another nosebleed,

But swiftly was controlled.

​The headaches slowly followed

With stomach aches at school,

He hoped he start to feel better.

But now bouts of weakness ruled.

​Playing catch outside with dad,

Things began to take a dive.

When everything went blank

His illness changed their very lives.

They went to see a doctor,

A specialist, his dad had said.

They took a bunch of blood,

Before sending him to bed.

In the hospital, he would stay,

But no more than just a day.

But that turned out to be a lie,

Since it was a week ago, yesterday.

Each day he missed his friends,

And would like to have one visit.

To take his mind from this place,

Wow, that would be exquisite.

Cancer, is the whispered word,

No one dares to say out loud.

Everyday he wants to ask them,

Will he die? But he’s too proud.

They pinky swore they’d never part,

Since mom died and broke their heart.

Everyday, when dad got home,

They’d spend together, no one’s alone.

Nightly now, he hears his daddy cry,

From across his hospital room.

He’ll be with his mommy again.

Leaving his dad alone, too soon.